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Thank you for visiting my gallery of miniature rugs and other designs! 

I have been in the interior design field since 1976, and in 1999 decided to combine my love of miniatures and needlepoint with my background in interior design.

In the Rug Gallery you will find an extensive line of miniature needlepoint rugs on printed canvas designed for 1" scale miniatures and dollhouses.   I have been needlepointing since my teens, a craft I learned from my mother and have enjoyed for many  years.  I have always preferred working on printed canvases.  I like to do what I call "mindless needlepoint" while watching TV or talking to friends.  Who needs to worry if the next stitch is blue or green or if you lose count?  So, several years ago while looking for miniature rugs for my own dollhouse, I was disappointed to find that few of the beautiful rugs for dollhouses were available on printed canvases.

In my line of printed canvases, I have used concepts and ideas from rugs that I had seen or worked with on large-scale interior design.  Besides the typical Aubussons, I tried to introduce some transitional patterns not often found in miniature.  In addition, the patterns include traditional, contemporary, whimsical, and children's patterns. They are suitable for many different styles and time periods.  

Custom Design Services
I hope that you will enjoy my designs and find one to fit your needs. Should you find a pattern you like but it's not in the right color, remember, we will customize the colors in any design you choose at no charge. Send us your fabric, wallpaper and drapery selections and we will choose the colors for the rug that best coordinate with your design. In return, you will receive a complete kit, including a canvas printed using your exclusive color scheme. Please call or e-mail to arrange for this service.

Finished Rugs
Needlepointed rugs are also available on a limited basis. I can stitch one of my designs for you if you promise to be patient! Please call for pricing.

Museum Stores
I have worked with some of America's leading art museums designing needlepoint and counted cross stitch products inspired by works from their permanent collection or for special exhibitions. We now offer an in-stock line of products suitable for museum stores. For some examples, please visit the Museum Stores section.


If you have any questions or comments about Stitches In Miniature, please email us at
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